Masks of Nyarlathotep

First up is a preparatory 1 shot adventure from the core rules ‘Dead Man Stomp’. As Masks begins in 1925, we will be setting this two years earlier in 1923. Whether we’ll continue from it, or reset for the start of masks will be decided once this game is concluded.

Update: Case 1 concluded successfully, with no deaths long term insanities or serious injuries. The zombie uprising was foiled, despite the investigators best attempts :)

Therefore, next time we begin ‘Masks of Nyarlathotep’ with the Investigators of the Realistic Policing Guild who were in Chicago in ’23 shaken but still standing and ready (?) to face whatever horrors the mythos has in store for them in New York, 1925.

The wiki entry on the Realistic Policing Guild has been updated and now contains information on it’s history from 1914 until the present day. The investigation in Chicago is recorded in the adventure log. We will welcome a new Investigator to the Guild in the next session and I will add this persons profile when I learn more about them.

Investigators here is a handy guide to 1920’s etiquette:


And period slang: