Elias Jackson

Friend of the Investigators and a writer of books on death cults.


Jackson Elias is 38, of medium height and build. He has a feisty friendly air about him.


As an orphan from Stamford, Connecticut, he set our early to make his own way in life. He has no known relatives and no permanent address. He spent some time in Arkham in the late 19-teens, founding the Realistic Policing Guild, a club which meets to investigate mysteries invented by one of the members.

Elias’ writings characterize and analyze death cults. His best known book is Sons of Death, chronicling modern Thuggee cults in India. All of his books illustrate how cults manipulate the fears of their followers. A skeptic, Elias has never found proof of supernatural powers, magic or dark gods. Insanity and feelings of inadequacy characterize death cults, feeling for which they compensate by slaughtering innocents to make themselves feel empowered or chosen. Cults draw the weak-minded, though cult leaders are usually clever and manipulative. When fear of a cult stops, the cult vanishes.

Published works:

Skulls Along the River (1910) – exposes headhunter cults along the Amazon basin.
Masters of the Black Arts (1912) – surveys supposed sorcerous cults throughout history
The Way of Terror (1913) – analyzes systemization of fear through cult organizations; warmly reviewed by Georges Sorel
The Smoking Heart (1915) – first discusses historical Mayan cults. Second half instances present-day Central American death cults.
Sons of Death (1918) – modern-day Thuggees
Witch Cults of England (1920) – Summarizes covens in nine English counties; interviews practicing English witches, Rebecca West thought some of the material trivial and overworked.
The Black Power (1921) – expands upon The Way of Terror; includes interviews with several anonymous cult leaders.

All of these books are published by Prospero Press of New York City, and all were edited by
owner/editor Jonah Kensington.

Elias Jackson

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