Roger Daniels

Treasury Agent and friend of the Guild


Roger Daniels was a Treasury Agent and friend of the Realistic Policing Guild. After his war time service during which he served as a sergeant taking part in the battle of Blanc Mont Ridge. On discharge He applied for and successfully attained a position in the US Department of the Treasury as a Federal Prohibition Agent. Although personally against prohibition laws, Daniels carried out his duties with great dedication and after the repeal of the 18th ammendment, transferred to the Justice department, rising through the ranks to become Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Field Office in 1961. He retired in 1967 and died of a heart failure in 1973 aged 74.

He met Ted Waltz in 1924, during the Manusco affair and recomended he speak to the Jungian Doctor in New York who had helped him come to terms with his experiences during the war. Doctor Vendter would later become the official doctor for guild members suffering from mental disorders.

The Manusco affair led directly to Daniels first promotion as he was able to shut down the well known drinking den The Blue Heaven Club, thereby making his name. The fact that during the course of the Guild’s investigation, the prime suspect ended up dead meant that any Justice Dept investigation into the killing, which may have taken credit away from Daniels, was nullified. He is thought to have been grateful to guild members for this leg up and would thereafter respond positively to requests for help and information.

Just prior to his death in 1973, he gave a lengthy interview to members of the Guild about his involvment in their various cases over the years, a transcript of which is available from the Guild archives.

Roger Daniels

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