Masks of Nyarlathotep

Dead Man Stomp

Blow baby, blow.

Chicago 1924chicago24_1.jpg

The 5th annual Realistic Policing Guild meeting has been arranged by Elias Jackson, to meet in march 1924 in Chicago’s North side. When the members of the guild arrive at their hotels however, they find messages waiting for them from Elias.

‘Sorry about this, but I got a hot tip for a big story and had to follow it up. Unfortunately, the story’s in Kenya so I won’t be able to make it this year. This only came up last minute and you were all on your way, so I didn’t have time to cancel.

‘However, I did have time to ring a pal of mine over at the Blue Heaven Club and he says he’ll give your names to the doormen. It’s a real swanky place, high class all the way. have a drink for me (soda, of course! wouldn’t want to run afoul of the treasury dept boys!) and i’ll see you next year.

Apologies again, Elliot.

The Blue Heaven Club


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